2016 Parade Winners

We will update 2016 Awards sometime in the 7 days following the parade.

Thank you (Tusen Takk) to all of our parade participants and guests lining the streets of Ballard by joining us in our special Norwegian 17th of May cultural celebration!

This year we are giving our trophy winners options for your awards. We have heard from some entries that they have limited or no space for traditional trophies.  Please choose your award from one of the following options:

  1. Traditional 17th of May Trophy
  2. Plaque
  3. Winner listed on website

Please contact us with your choice of award and to set up a pick-up appointment please contact us by email or phone number below.

phone: (206) 557-8702

High School Bands
1st Place Shorewood Marching Band
Tied for 2nd Place Bellevue High School Marching Band and Interlake High School Marching Band
Tied for 3rd Place Ballard High School and Mariner High School Marching Band


Middle School Bands
1st Place Cavelero Mid High Marching Band
Tied for 2nd Place Explorer and Voyager Middle School Marching Band
3rd Place Whitman Middle School Drumline


Drill Teams
Tied for 1st Place Highlanders and Washington Diamonds
2nd Place Ballard Eagles
3rd Place North Queens


Scandinavian Group
1st Place Norwegian Ladies Chorus
2nd Place Norwegian Male Chorus
3rd Place Sons of Norway – Edmonds Lodge


1st Place Sons of Norway – Bothell Lodge


1st Place Puget Sound Vintage Chevy Club


1st Place Whittier Elementary Wildcats Unicycles


1st Place Pacific NW Fjord Horses