Parade Order

Checkin Begins at 4pm and Closes at 5:15pm

Parade units and marchers check-in station near Adams school, corner of 28th and 62nd NW. The parade begins at the corner of NW 62nd and 24th Avenue NW. The route follows south to Market Street and eastward to Bergen Place park, then turns right onto 22nd and continues south down Ballard Avenue and ends at Ione St.

Parade Starts at 6pm

2018 Parade Order


# Unit Name Unit Type
1 Seattle Police Motorcycle Drill Team *VIP
2 American Legion, Ballard Post # 40 Honor Guard *VIP
3 Deadliest Catch Captains n Crew Norsk Flags *VIP
4 Grand Marshal Kåre R. Aas *VIP
5 Consul Nesselquist *VIP
6 Fjord Horses, Pacific NW Novelty
7 Swanson’s Float
8 Nordic Museum Scandinavian
9 Norwegian Male Chorus Scandinavian
10 KarmØy Club of WA Scandinavian
11 Whitman Middle School Drumline Band
12 Ballard First Lutheran Float
13 Ballard Pre-School Coop Youth
14 Norwegian Ladies Chorus Scandinavian
15 Volvo Club Motorized
16 Lil Senoritas Drill Team Drill
17 La Senoritas Drill Team Drill
18 Trident Motorized
19 Whittier Elementary Wildcats Unicycle Arts Youth
20 Ballard High School Marching Band Band
21 Viking Robotics Novelty
22 Ballard Jr Football & Cheer Youth
23 Voyager Middle School Marching Band Band
24 Edmonds Sons of Norway Float
25 Sunnmorslaget av Seattle Scandinavian
26 Matheia Jelly Fish Youth
27 Columbia River High Band
28 Norse Home Motorized
29 Ballard Eagles Drill Team Motorized
30 WA State Eagles King & Queen Drill
31 Pacific Sami Searvi Scandinavian
32 Poulsbo Leikarringen Youth
33 Keystone Kops Novelty
34 Cavelero Mid High Marching Band Band
35 St Alphonsus Parish School Motorized
36 DofN Valkyrien Lodge Scandinavian
37 DofN Solveig Lodge Scandinavian
38 DofN Embla Lodge Scandinavian
39 Greater Tacoma Peace Prize Scandinavian
40 Explorer Middle School Band & Drill Team Band
41 SofN Leif Erikson Lodge Scandinavian
42 Barneleikarringen Youth
43 Leikarringen Scandinavian
44 SofN Vesterdalen Lodge Auburn Scandinavian
45 SofN Olympia Hovedstad Lodge Scandinavian
46 SofN Norden Lodge Tacoma Scandinavian
47 Catherine Blaine K-8 Tiger Marching Bad Band
# Unit Name **Unit Type
48 Ballard Historical Society Motorized
49 Ballard Little League Youth
50 Mariner High School Marching Band Band
51 Pink Zebra Cheer Drill
52 517 Shilshole BPSA Youth
53 Ballard Pack 100 Cub Scouts Youth
54 NW Junior Bagpipe Band Band
55 Adams Elementary Youth
56 Highlanders Drill Team Drill
57 UW Norwegian Students Scandinavian
58 ANSA WA & PLU Students Scandinavian
59 Eagle Staff Middle School Band
60 Norwegian Commercial Club Motorized
61 North Beach Elemenatary Youth
62 Family Pet Vets Novelty
63 Bothell Sons of Norway Float
64 Chevy Club Motorized
65 Highland Middle School Band Band
66 Scandinavian Hour Motorized
67 Kongsberger Ski Club Novelty
68 Bruins Youth Cheer Drill
69 Swedish Club Scandinavian
70 Concordia College Alumni Scandinavian
71 Ballard Seafood Fest Float
72 North Queens Drill Team Drill
73 Skagit Bank Sponsor
74 BallardElks Motorized
75 WA Diamonds Drill Team Drill
76 Swedish Hospital Ballard Sponsor
77 Shorecrest Marching Band Band
78 Scandinavian Language Institute Scandinavian
79 Reykjavik – Seattle Sister City Association Scandinavian
80 Icelandic Club of Greater Seattle Scandinavian
81 Commodores Float
82 Albert Lee Hydro Float
83 Ingraham High School Marching Band Band