HomeSponsors of the 2016 Seattle 17th of May Festival

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The 17th of May Committee is a non-profit organization with volunteer members. We rely on the donations and contributions from our community and would like to thank the following sponsors for their gracious support.

A big Thank You to our proud 2016 sponsors![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Odin Sponsor

Trident Seafoods

Trident is a vertically-integrated harvesting, processing, and marketing company active in all major production regions of Alaska. We also process and market seafood sourced from other parts of the Pacific and around the world. Trident has a special blend of talent and steel. The career professionals who comprise the Trident team direct a fleet of harvesting, processing and tendering vessels, a network of strategically placed shore plants, value-added processing facilities, and an extensive sales and distribution network. This carefully conceived mix of mobile and fixed production assets gives us the ability to control our seafood products From the Source to the Plate®. From the fishermen, to the processors, to the plant managers, all Trident employees assume personal responsibility for Trident quality. We are constantly aware that the products we handle are not simply raw materials but a valuable food source for people around the world.

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Thor Sponsor

Glacier Fish Company

Glacier Fish Company has been dedicated to producing the highest quality frozen-at-sea groundfish products in the world. We accomplish our mission with a day-in-and-day-out commitment to quality, consistent attention to detail, and an on-going concern for the stability and health of the North Pacific fishery resource. Whether you are a long-time customer or trying us for the first time, we believe you will see our commitment in the entire line of GlacierFreeze products.



Freyja Sponsor

Swansons Nursery
Seattle’s favorite garden store since 1924.  Located just north of Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. Exceptional plants, products & people.

Skagit Bank - Ballard
Professional and knowledgeable banking services for your personal or business needs. We are a bank dedicated to our customers. Please come visit us at our Ballard location.

Valkyries Sponsors

Swedish Hospital | Ballard
Pacific Fisherman Shipyard
Nordic Heritage Museum[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Valhalla Sponsors

Springfree Trampoline USA

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Friends of the 17th of May

Suzie’s Toys

Ballard Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

Norse Home

Scan Select/Scandinavian Specialties

Lunde Marine Electronics

Norwegian Male Chorus of Seattle

Old Ballard Liquor Store

Swedish Cultural Club

Bothell Lodge 2-106

Edmonds Lodge Sons of Norway 2-130

Embla Lodge 2 Daughters of Norway

Greater Tacoma Peace Prize Committee

Karmoy Club of Washington

Leif Erikson Lodge 2-001

Musician Support – Gail Engler

Norwegian Ladies Chorus of Seattle

Puget Sound Accounting

Sagebrook Living

Seattle Bergen Sister City Assn

Secret Garden Children’s Bookshop, Inc.

Solveig Daughters of Norway 2-031

Valkrien Lodge #1 Daughters of Norway

Occidental Lodge #72 F & AM (Ballard Masons)

Arlene & Ernie Templin

Magne & Berit Nes

Bjarne Varnes

Duane & Steffanie Esperum

Edvin Wilhelmsen

Elaine and Bob Dunn

Ellen M. Beck

Glimstad Family – Eleanor, Evelyn & Harold

Grand Lodge Daughters of Norway

Havorn Marine Services, Inc.

Johnsson Law Firm

Kae Ellingsen

Leona Olson

Lise Marie Ottoson

Lori Ann Reinhall

Sons of Norway Hovestad Lodge #2-94

Lawrence Cellars, LLC – Gard

Trades Routes

Banner Bank Ballard

Byen Bakeri


Royal Norwegian Consulate of Seattle

Seattle Seafair Parade Marshals

Starbuck’s Coffee

The Scandinavian Hour

University VW/Audi

Williams, Inc.

Ray’s Restaurant

Norwegian American Weekly

Nordic Heritage Museum

Bremerton Sons of Norway Oslo 2-035

Mountain Pacific Bank

Norwegian Commercial Club

Ballard Smoke Shop

Cascade Lodge 2-087 Sons of Norway

Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation

Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce

Ballard Rotary