Home17th of May Seattle Committee

The 17th of May Seattle committee works year round to make
this time-honored day of events happen.

We are pleased to introduce this year’s committee members:

Executive Committee:
Anne-Lise Berger, President
Hon. Norwegian Consul Viggo Forde, Vice President
Laura Hanson, Secretary
Debbi Larson, Treasurer
Jenny Iverson (National Nordic Museum)
Mari-Ann Kind Jackson (Luncheon Chair)

Ann Durant (DoN Valkyrien)
Ellen Beck (SoN, Leif Erikson)
Anders E. Heussy (NACC)
John Heider (Seafair Parade Marshals)
Kelsey Hukee (DoN, Valkyrien)
Kristi Hoagland (Parade Committee)
Bjorn Nalum (Parade Committee)
Berit Nes (Karmøy Klubb)
Joanne Orsucci (Parade Committee)
Julie Pheasant Albright (Bergen Sister City)
David Pedersen (Internexio)
Lori Ann Reinhall (Bergen Sister City, The Norwegian American)
Line Sandsmark (Shunpike Arts)
Kevin Severud (Scandinavian Language Institute)
Andrea Torland (SoN, Leif Erikson)
Julie Touchette (DoN, Embla and Solveig)
Erik Bjarne Witzøe (Norway Park)