Home17th of May Seattle Committee

The 17th of May Seattle Committee works year round to make
this time-honored day of events happen.

Many thanks to the 2024 17th of May Seattle committee:

Board of Trustees:
Line Sandsmark, Co-President
Jenny Iverson, Co-President
Viggo Forde, Vice President
Debbi Larson, Treasurer, Sponsorship Chair, and Parade Chair
Maya Jackson, Secretary / Social Media
Anne-Lise Berger, Immediate Past President
Ann Durant, Luncheon Chair

Friends of 17th of May Seattle
Dale Pederson, Parade Committee
Ellen Beck
Andrea Torland, Pin Sales
Chris Ringstad, Parade Committee
Caroline Cox, Parade Committee
Erik Bjarne Witzøe, Pin Committee
Jerry Thorsen
Joanne Orsucci, Parade Committee
Nancy Carrs Roach, Volunteer
John Heider, Seafair Parade Marshals
Julie Pheasant-Albright, Bergen Sister Cities
Mari-Ann Kind Jackson, Luncheon Assistance
Ryan Christenen, Website / Parade Committee